International Association of Quantum Artists founded 11.11.11

See a resume of our 2012 exhibition artists here

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NEXT EVENT: 2013 at Winter Street Studios -  Houston USA 



Mission Statement

To explore the art/science interface by participating in activities which aim to transform human understanding of contemporary theories of reality: at present these include sustainability, quantum theory, parallel worlds, multiverse, higher dimensional space, string theory and cosmology.   

Paula Hawkins USA

Jean Harlow UK
Solomon Kane USA
Diana Ali UK

Image credits:

Banner - J Harlow Ink cap mushroom, sporeprints: 'Awakenings'

Below from L-R

Solomon Kane - Solomon Kane -Paula Hawkins --Jean Harlow - Diana Ali



·        To promote debate about this subject by holding regular public exhibitions.

·        To enable greater public participation and interaction with quantum art and theory.

  • To encourage transformation in thought and culture, through science and art.

c/o Winter Street Studios Winter Street, Houston, Texas and

Home Studios, Allerston, North Yorkshire, UK  

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